According to a statement by Infosys, Topaz Generative AI Platform utilizes Infosys’ applied AI framework to construct an AI-centric foundation that enables individuals to provide cognitive solutions.

India’s second-largest IT services company, has recently announced the launch of Topaz generative AI platform, an AI-driven suite of services, solutions, and platforms. Leveraging generative Artificial Intelligence technologies, Topaz follows a “responsible by design” approach, prioritizing ethics, trust, privacy, security, and compliance. This innovative offering aims to accelerate business value for global enterprises.

According to a statement by the company, Topaz utilizes Infosys’ applied AI framework to construct an AI-centric foundation that empowers individuals to provide cognitive solutions. The Bengaluru-based IT major describes Topaz as an AI-focused solution aimed at accelerating business value for global enterprises through the utilization of generative AI. Furthermore, the offering is designed to enhance the potential of humans, enterprises, and communities, enabling them to leverage unprecedented innovations, interconnected ecosystems, and widespread efficiencies to create value.

The company emphasized that its “responsible by design” approach guarantees unwavering adherence to ethics, trust, privacy, security, and compliance. In line with this, Topaz combines the capabilities of Infosys Cobalt cloud and data analytics to harness the potential of AI in driving business growth, providing solutions, and delivering intuitive experiences.

How to utilize “Topaz” generative AI platform

An example provided by the company involved a food and beverages chain that utilized Infosys Topaz to autonomously integrate disparate data signals from new partners. This integration resulted in a “superior” off-store consumer experience with an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 95%.

Infosys highlighted another case where a national railway company employed Infosys Topaz to develop a smart hub. This hub enabled the railway company to establish profitable and flexible value chains by strategically collaborating with market-leading partners. The collaboration focused on functions such as first and last mile logistics, as emphasized by Infosys.

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said. “Infosys Topaz is helping us amplify the potential of people – both our own and our clients’. We are seeing strong interest from our clients for efficiency and productivity-enhancing programs, even as businesses are keen to secure their future growth,”

Topaz has significantly benefited Infosys’ internal business operations by bringing the power of generative AI platforms and data solutions, according to the observation made.

Infosys has adopted an AI-first approach to drive its own transformation, utilizing Topaz to leverage the potential of generative AI, analytics, and cloud technologies. The company aims to expedite the evolution of its market offerings and enterprise transformation. Additionally, Infosys focuses on generating incremental value through micro-changes to enhance client service, reimagine business processes, optimize software engineering, and increase productivity.

​​Satish HC, Executive Vice President and Co-Head Delivery at Infosys, Said The most progressive businesses are already AI-powering their digital assets and driving their enterprises’ cognitive transformation.

Satish said, Infosys Topaz will bring the combined power of AI, generative AI data analytics and cloud to our clients, helping them drive micro-changes to extract more value from their current operations, solutions and services,” 

The statement highlighted that Topaz will play a crucial role in amplifying the capabilities of Infosys’ workforce and systems. By doing so, it will enable the exploration of next-generation opportunities through intelligent solutions, interconnected ecosystems, and innovative business models that drive growth.


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