WhatsApp has announced a new feature called Chat Lock, which focuses on strengthening the privacy of users’ conversations. By adding an additional layer of security, this feature gives individuals greater control over their most sensitive chats. Chat Lock separates locked chats from the main inbox and securely stores them in a dedicated folder. To access this folder, users need to provide their device password or use biometric authentication, such as a trusted fingerprint. This feature addresses the growing concerns surrounding digital privacy. 

Additionally, Chat Lock ensures that the contents of protected chats remain discreet by preventing intrusive notifications from exposing any sensitive information. This feature is specifically tailored to address situations in which individuals may share their phones with family members or encounter circumstances where others might have access to their devices. 

How to lock WhatsApp chats 

By simply tapping on the name of a one-to-one or group chat, users can enable the lock feature. To access these locked chats, users only need to pull down on their inbox and enter their phone password or use authorized biometric authentication when prompted. 

WhatsApp remains dedicated to improving Chat Lock and its ability to safeguard companion devices.  

In the upcoming months, users can anticipate the introduction of more features, such as the option to create individualized passwords for each conversation. This will enable users to establish unique passphrases separate from their phone’s existing security measures. 


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